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what they find most helpful or positive thing when then study with me, etc.

Ann-Mari Karlsson, Project Officer, 38

I don’t know Japanese language at all, but I have always loved the beauty of traditional Japanese calligraphy. I am very grateful that I can learn calligraphy with Satomi sensei even though I do not speak Japanese. I find that calligraphy is a fascinating art form through which I feel learn a lot about Japanese culture and even about myself. For me, the calligraphy class is almost like meditation, Of course at the same time I do learn new letters and words, which is enriching. One of the things I really appreciate with Satomi sensei is that she is truly encouraging and that I can proceed in my own pace without any pressure.

Dan Lennartsson, Quolity Manager, 30

My mother is Japanese so I have some knowledge in the Japanese language since my mother often spoke to me in her native language and we were on vacations in Japan. I always answered my mother in Swedish and did not learn to talk in Japanese or develop my Japanese. Since we are used to talking Swedish to each other. I have now in older age only fractions of the Japanese language and cannot develop it more by talking with my mother. The private Japanese lessons are helping me to learn the language from scratch and fill the gaps that I have. It is a very effective method because I have the change to affect the lessons to my level and I can ask specific questions to get the answers that I need. I can go fast forward in parts that I am comfortable in and slower on other parts. Satomi is very professional and can always explain the issues with a simplicity that makes it easier to understand. To learn Japanese this is the best method I think. It is also a very flexible way of learning Japanese since I can get the lessons to fit my busy schedule. I’m learning more every time and can improve as much and as fast as I want to. It’s only up to myself how far I want to go.

Rebecka, Product Assistant, 25

When I heard of Satomi-sensei I was a bit hesitant at first, I didn´t know if a private teacher would be worth the money. But after studying Japanese on my own for 6 month without any significant progress I thought I´d give it a try. And I never regret it! I have studied with Satomi for almost a year now, and I feel much more comfortable when speaking Japanese. She has really helped me to understand the complex Japanese particles, sentence structures and nuances in the language witch I would have never learned on my own. I also enjoy the group conversation classes very much, they are really fun and a great opportunity to speak Japanese here in Sweden. Next month I´m going on my first trip to Japan, and now I feel a lot more confident that I will be able to communicate with people in Japan.

Verena Strand, guide at a museum, 19

I started attending Satomi's lessons when I was only 14 years old. 5 years have passed since then and I still enjoy every lesson. Because of school I have unfortunately not been able to attend the lessons, as often as I had liked to and so I still have a lot to learn. Private lessons were the perfect option for me, because of the flexible shedule. I could take breaks from my Japanese lessons, when I needed to focus on school and then pick them up anytime I wanted. Even though I wasn't able to attend lessons regularly, I feel like I learned a lot whenever I was able to go. Since the lessons are private lessons, Satomi is able to devote her full attention to me, which makes the studying more effective and individual. Satomi is a great teacher and teaches in a way that makes it easy to understand. Also, she always has a smile on her lips and makes her pupils feel welcome. Japanese lessons have become a hobby to me. I'm finally going to Japan this summer and thanks to Satomi's help I feel that I'm prepared.

Lina Dahlberg, Student/Bartenter, 25

I've always been fascinated by the Japanese language and the Japanese culture. That has led to studies in Japan and at Stockholm University. However, studying by myself is not efficient enough and I don't come in contact with the language in my daily life anymore. Therefore, I'm very happy to be able to learn Japanese from Satomi-sensei, both group and private lessons give me the boost needed to develop my language skills. She is also the reason I managed to come in 3rd place in a Japanese essay-writing contest! Totally amazing! Through encouragement, support and laughter, I have managed to improve my Japanese with Satomi-sensei and I think that those elements are crucial if one is to learn quickly and efficiently while maintaining their interest in what you are studying. I honestly can't wait for the next lesson!

Erik Imamura, Student,36

I did my first serious attempt to learn Japanese at the university fifteen years ago. Since then, I have picked up my language studies again on a number of occasions and I have also lived in Japan for two shorter periods. Studying with Satomi-sensei has made a great difference. Working from the foundation I have laid during my previous studies, I am now actually starting to use the language in real conversations, gaining more and more confidence and fluency. Studying with an enthusiastic and highly professional private tutor is a superior way to quickly learn a language. To me it is key to moving on from the theory of vocabulary and grammar to actually using the language.

Dharman Ödman, Personal assistant,34

Private lessons are perfect for me because I can choose the pace of studying and I can choose when to have the lessons, so that it suits my schedule. Studying with Satomi-sensei is fun and we laugh a lot during class and, being the only student, you get all the attention and support you need to understand and make progress in your studies. I want to learn Japanese because I like Japanese culture very much, both the modern culture with anime and manga, and the traditional culture with calligraphy, tea ceremony and beautiful architecture. I think that Satomi-sensei is a very qualified teacher and she is also good at adjusting the lesson so that it fits the level of the student.

Niklas Natt och Dag , freelancing journalist,31

I have studied with Satomi-sensei for almost a year. Before this I took evening classes at Folkuniversitetet for one term. I felt that these group lessons advanced slowly, and that the teacher´s energy was often depleted trying to help the slower student, which affected the pace of the lessons significantly. I decided to try private lessons instead, and have never regretted it. With Satomi-sensei, progress is quick and steady. The benefits of having a teacher that can dedicate all of the lesson to you alone, and to your needs and wishes, can not be exaggerated. As someone who works irregular hours I also appreciate the opportunity to decide when lessons are held. Satomi-sensei carefully sees to that your understanding of Japanese grammer keeps the same pace as your ability to speak. I have been lucky enough to visit Japan twice since I started studying with Satomi, and my progress has been apparent – from practical matters like being able to ask which subway leaves for Shibuya and when, to navigating through more complex conversations with non-English-speaking Japanese (about, for instance, why the salarymen are trading small metal balls for crates of lipstick, or why the personnel in the cafe are dressed like 18th century British maids). If you want to learn Japanese both quickly and thoroughly, please turn to Satomi. And on top of all other benefits, the lessons are always nice and entertaining!

Stefan Johnsson , Student,44

To be able to study Japanese together with Satomi sensei is both enjoyable and instructive. She is competent, sharp and a good educationalist. These private lessons have been to a great help for me and I would like to recommend this professional help to learn Japanese for everybody. For more than a year I have met with Satomi sensei once a week for an hourly private lesson. Every week when the class is over I am looking forward to next weekユs lesson.

Anna Puggioli, Controller, 29

I chose to take private lessons because I want my studies to be flexible and in a pace that suits me. I have studied for about six months and my knowledge of Japanese is slowly but steadily progressing thanks to Satomi sensei. She is very good at making the lessons very funny and she always give me credit when something is correct, and never make me feel that I am not good enough. What I like about Satomi's lessons is that she consistently works with prepared paper sheets showing sentence structure and then letting you practice verbally, and then ending the lesson with reading comprehension. I always look forward to the lessons after a day at work!

Peter Sindmark ,Assistant nurse ,45

Satomi-san is a very perceptive person, which means that she in the moment and able to adjust the lesson to the needs that I have. She is always well prepared and professional. Doing the lessons are like going on a journey to Japan, integrating in the Japanese language and the Japanese culture. All of this is spiced with a lot of joy, warmth, and humour. I recommend anyone that is serious in learning Japanese to make contact with Satomi-san.

Mattias Ånstrand,IT-Entrepreneurn, 35

I started studying Japanese in 1995 at Stockholm University. Since then I've been studying it on and off at different schools. At Satomi's I tend private lessons once a week and sometimes group conversation classes. Satomi does a great job as my private teacher, she lets you have complete freedom in choosing direction and topics for conversation and reading. All from manga to archaic kanji. She is also always very well prepared. Her ability to explain difficult sentences in simpler Japanese is outstanding. I highly recommend Satomi-sensei!

Tommy Hween , Student character animation, 29

Private lessons are a very good way to learn a new language, since every lesson is focused on you and can be adapted to fit your individual needs at any time. Satomi is a very dedicated and professional teacher who always plans a few steps ahead to make sure you get as much out of your lessons as possible.. She is also a very positive person with a good sense of humor, so that lessons are always both inspiring and enjoyable. I would warmly recommend studying with Satomi to anyone who wants to learn Japanese.

Robert Karlsson, System developer, 26

I have been studying for Satomi for about a one year now and I have come very far in my knowledge of the Japanese language. When I started studying for Satomi I didn't know any Japanese and today I can read text written in hiragana and katakana, and understand simpler conversations. Satomi's way of teaching has been the key factor for my development. Satomi is a good educationalist and is always well prepared for every lession. Because Satomi is a private tutor I get her undivided attention on the lessions, so she knows right away what I need to work extra on and can adapt the lesson after that. I believe that the best way to learn a foreign language, if you can't go to the country where they speak the language, is to have a private tutor that has the language as mother tongue..

Helena Hasselberg , Self-employed, 38

Several years ago I was able to speak Japanese fairly well. However, when I started taking lessons with Ms. Ogasawara, I had all but lost touch with the language. With Ms. Ogasawara's help I am now able to maintain a conversation in Japanese. I appreciate the custom-made design of the classes and the relaxed atmosphere. We talk about a wide range of subjects, which I think is fun.

Eva Tägtström, Economist, Bachelor of art history and comparative religiont, 55

For me who has studied Japanese at the University of Stockholm for a year and at the same time worked fulltime as an economist it was hard to continue to study daytime. Private conversation once a week with Satomi sensei is a perfect solution for me. She encourages me and gives me feedback in a very positive way. I can chose after work hours or Saturaday hours and that gives me the possibility to keep the japanese language alive. I can sincerely and warmly recommend Satomi Ogasawara as a teacher in Japanese.



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