Erika Klingmark,Student, 17

Satomi is a great teacher and during the time I've studied with her I have made a great progress. She teaches in a very effective way and you always have fun during the lessons. I have also taken conversation lessons and they have been very rewarding. You practice speaking japanese and learn about the country and their culture at the same time. I really recommend these lessons!

Moa Störm, Student, 15

I have studied Japanese with Satomi-sansei for a while now, and I'm very impressed by my fast improvement and development. It's a whole other experience, studying with a private tutor, because you get all the attention and help you need, without being taught too fast or too slow. You can study at your own pace, and ask questions whenever you want. Satomi-sensei is a very good teacher and I strongly recommend her lessons to anyone who wants to learn Japanese.

Hernan Concha Emmrich , Student of Architecture, 25

With Satomi Ogasawara sensei I enjoyed a series of conversation lessons in order to maintain my spoken Japanese proficiency after returning from a 1-year stay in Tokyo. Going through a wide range of topics during these conversations, the one-to-one lessons proved to be of easy-going character with plenty of time for vocabulary, various grammar improvements and short yet fruitful discussions. For me, Satomiユs enthusiasm, instant feedback and patience during conversation have all been valuable for becoming more able and fluent in speaking Japanese.

Linda Haals, Engineer, 31

Taking private lessons is absolutely the best way of learning a foreign language. The tuition is completely adapted to your own time schedule, learning speed and ambition. In the class we are doing many useful conversation exercises and I have the feeling I learn very much every time. Satomi is very rigorous and well-prepared, with a lot of patience and a good sense of humor. I enjoy the lessons a lot and can recommend her lessons to someone who wants to learn Japanese in an efficient way.

Tess Choy, Student, 22

I've always been fascinated by the Japanese language and the Japanese culture. That has led to studies in Japan and at Stockholm University. However, studying by myself is not efficient enough and I don't come in contact with the language in my daily life anymore. Therefore, I'm very happy to be able to learn Japanese from Satomi-sensei, both group and private lessons give me the boost needed to develop my language skills. She is also the reason I managed to come in 3rd place in a Japanese essay-writing contest! Totally amazing! Through encouragement, support and laughter, I have managed to improve my Japanese with Satomi-sensei and I think that those elements are crucial if one is to learn quickly and efficiently while maintaining their interest in what you are studying. I honestly can't wait for the next lesson!

Christian Jacobsen, Student (Japanese), 23

These lessons are enjoyable and very adjustable to your own pace and needs. The education you receive is rich and comprehensive in a well-structured, and pedagogic way. Satomi is not only a clever teacher, but also a funny person who keeps the lessons on an entertaining level.

Sergej Popov, Reseacher, 24

I feel that private lesson is the best way to study Japanese if you live outside Japan. In some ways it is even better than taking Japanese language courses at university, since you can focus on what you need most. Satomi can help you to develop your spoken Japanese and practice things you could never do on your own or at public Japanese course.

Alex Backlund, Student, 25

After having studied japanese on my own for a few years, without any real development I started taking privatelessons. Together with the teacher I have gone through the basics of the japanese language and even though I thought I knew a lot I'm learning a lot with every lesson I take. I really appreciatethe the group conversation lessons that are arranged monthly. It gives the students an oppertunity to get together, discuss various topics in japanese and measure how you have developed.

Fredrik Bergstörm, Student(Japanese), Musician, 23

I chose private lessons because I thought then were, except for meeting other students, the best way to study. Having a good relationship with my teacher makes me want to perform better and that is easier in private lessons. Satomi's tuition methods make understanding very easy because she points out the important grammatical "keys", rather then just teaching phrases. They are very effective methods, in my opinion. I studied once a week with Satomi for about 3 months before I came to Japan and I'm really glad that I did. Although my vocabulary is limited, she gave me a really good perception of the language structure.

Mikael Hedberg, Writer, 27

There's really nothing like having a private tutor. The undivided attention that is given to you is not only inspiring, but also unnerving in a good way. It is the perfect combination of encouragement knowing that you are the only one in the class who can excel and at the same time, that if somebody is going to screw up it's you. It's a real killer when it comes to study motivation. No matter if I'm excelling or screwing up there's no one I rather be doing it with than Satomi-san, clearly one of the kindest people I've had the pleasure to meet.

Joakim Talvitie, Student, 17

I think that the Japanese lessons are very good and interesting. I think that these lessons are far more effective than studying in other schools because the lessons are private. As a result, the teacher can concentrate on just one student instead of a whole class.

Vladimir, Researcher, 36

Private lessons provide flexibility in language study that makes process less stressful. Compare to a class study, private lessons are more efficient and stimulating for students.

Maria D, Social Scientist, administrator,28

I enjoy studying Japanese with Ms Ogasawara and believe that private lessons are the best way to learn a language. I had earlier studied Japanese at university, but as I had a full-time job, I couldn't continue taking daytime courses. Now I find that, since I started taking private lessons, I'm progressing much faster. Ms Ogasawara's lessons are always carefully planned and she combines conversation exercises with grammar and reading of texts. I feel that I can influence the pace and the content of the lessons myself, as Ms Ogasawara is always open to answer any questions and to explain any particular matter that needs special attention. I warmly recommend these lessons as a very good and effective way to learn Japanese!

Sadao Wassivik, Student, 18

Taking private lessons in Japanese has been one of the most worthwhile decisions I've made since I came back from Japan, where I had stayed as an exchange student for 10 months. What I needed was something that could help me keep the Japanese I'd already learned going, and at the same time could develop it in a way that suited me, something Satomi-sensei really has fulfilled.

Peter Anterius,Sales assistant, 44

Fun, and efficient ,sums it up pretty good I think!. If you have the opportunity to study for a private teacher, take it!, it will make all the difference!. I have never before enjoyed studying as Ido now, Satomi-san has prepared every class carefully, checking up on previous chapters and preparing the new lesson in a logical and challenging way!, suited for my level!. I strongly recommend anyone who is interested in learning Japanese to contact Satomi-san at once!



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