I am a qualified teacher giving private lessons in Japanese. The reason why I teach on an individual basis is that I want to respond to individual purposes and goals.

One advantage of private lessons is that the teacher knows the student's level and goal precisely and so can provide the most suitable way of learning. The biggest difference between learning in a big class and private lessons is the amount of time available to practice speaking.

The student will study with the textbook before and after the lessons and then during the lessons the student will practice talking with the teacher.


Private lesson

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Grammar lesson
Lesson for high-school/university student 550kr / 60min
Lesson for full-time pensioner 550kr / 60min
Lesson for private person 650kr / 60min
Lesson for companies 750kr / 60min
Lesson with two people 500kr(per person) / 60min
Lesson with three people 400kr(per person) / 60min
Conversation lesson (This lesson is for advanced and continuation-students only)
Lesson for private person 500kr / 45min
Lesson for companies 560kr / 45min

Group lesson

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Conversation lesson (The first trial is free.) 400kr(per person) / 60min
Manga de Manabu Nihongo Jokyu Hyogen (N1-N3) 400kr(per person) / 60min
Kanji lesson 400kr(per person) / 60min
Text reading lesson 400kr(per person) / 60min
Group lesson for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test 400kr(per person) / 60min
Calligraphy lesson 500kr(per person) / 120min
Cultural lesson 500kr(per person) / 120min
Tuesday to Saturday, classes start on the hour between 12:00 - 19:30.
Close to both Mariatorget and Zinkensdamm stations, central Stockholm.
Due to the pandemic, only online lessons are available.



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